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Oakley Tapola top fives

TOP 5 MOVIES in random order
1) Amelie - adorable, interesting characters. Filmed in beautiful colors and the storyline is surprising
and heartwarming. it tears me up every time
2)Repo Man-most classic b film of all time. emilio estevez. aliens. speed. cars. This movie is endlessly entertaing. not to mention cleverly built and timeless.
3) Welcome To The Dollhouse- dark humor. Great, weird, sad main character. Great costumes. Great
acting. Good theme song.
4) The 5th Element - just friggin amazing in every way. Chris Tucker is actually funny and everyone is dressed amazing. I dont think this movie is good because of the acting but its possibly the most entertaining movie i've ever seen and for that it deserves to be on someones top 5.
5) The Grifters - freakin sweet 80's clothes. plot and characters' bizarre interactions keep you guessing. Really good if you like mysteries/ mobster movies.

TOP 5 ALBUMS even though it always changes
1) Vol 4 - Black Sabbath : greatest band ever, every song on this album is genius. Thank you Tony Iommi for having your fingers cut off so you could rock so hard.
2) Is This Real?/Cut - Wipers/The Slits (a tie): PUNX! Two quintessential punk bands...Greg Sage lead singer of the wipers is also sort of the inventor of alternative rock (like the minutemen)...and the slits are like the first ever riot grrl band but have a reggae feel, really amazing. They also use weird percussion instruments and etc. very cool.
3) C.Y.S.L.A.B.F - Mika Miko : PUNXXX! again. The freshest stuff coming of the bay area thats hyphy in a whole new way. Extra energetic cute punk girls that sing into telephones that they've converted into microphones. They are amazing live.
4) Inspiration Information - Shuggie Otis : funky weird instrumentals and great melodic vocals
5) Dirty Mind - Prince : gotta rep TC