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Tom Lulic - "Top Five" Movies and Music


1) Led Zeppelin - Jimmy Page is God's gift to the guitar and Robert Plant is His gift to the microphone.
2) Eagles - Joe Walsh is a very entertaining guitar player and vocalist. The band has about 1000 great songs.
3) Foreigner - Best rock band to play the air guitar to.
4) Bruce Springsteen - "The Boss", puts on amazing concerts and has some really down-to-earth, heartfelt rock music.
5) Mos Def - A very impressive lyrical artist from Brooklyn. Has great rhythm and lyrical content to all of his songs.


1) Caddyshack - I don't normally watch movies for their camera angles or symbolism, I watch them to laugh and repeat lines and this one is #1 for sure.
2) Blazing Saddles - Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder are two movie geniuses.
3) Deuce Bigalow, European Gigolo - Kind of tacky at first glance but if you look into it man-whores couldn't be funnier.
4) Top Gun - One of the scenes is the #1 way to pick up a girl at a bar and when you watch the movie you say, "Thats sweet!" a lot.
5) Slap Shot - A really great portrayal of "Old Time Hockey".