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Top 5 Movies - Kim Hanlon

1. The Wizard of Oz - This movie brings back many memories of my grandpa and I sitting together, eating homemade popcorn and reciting every line to this movie. It has a very creative story line and was extremely well done. Judy Garland was fantastic in this movie and had a tremendous career.
2. E.T - One of the all time greats, Steven Spielberg, directed this masterpiece. I was a bit scared of the movie when I first saw it at the age of 5, but I have watched it over and over again and have loved everytime after that.
3. Crash - I was pleasantly pleased when I first saw this movie in the theatre. I did not really appreciate it's full potential until a took a film class my freshman year. We had to write a paper about one scene and what the hidden meanings were in the way that the director filmed it with camera angles, lighting and such things. It was only then that I really understood the film in its entire capacity.
4. Pretty Woman - Julia Roberts is one of my favorite actresses of all time and she was wonderful in this film by Gary Marshall. This film was very controversial in the early 90s because of the prostitution role that Roberts plays. This movie still makes me laugh.
5. Gladiator - Russell Crowe was amazing in this story. I liked how different it was from all of the other films that were coming out at that time in early 2000. The images and graphics in this film were incredible.

Top 5 Artists
1. Celine Dion - I love her vioce and her music. She is very unique and can hit a wide range of notes.
2. Rascal Flatts - They are an amzing group with so many awesome songs. They are all so very talented.
3. Pink - She is a chick that can truly rock. Her concerts are awesome and her voice is incredible.
4. Michael Jackson - One of the best, if not the best, dancer that I have ever seen. His songs are great and is voice rocks.
5.Jonny Lang - Our own Minnesota boy. He can rock out like no one else and his songs are great.