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Top Five - Tammy Woehler

Top 5 Movies:

1. Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy - These movies are spectacular. All of the hard work that went into the creation of them is amazing. Every character was played out very well, especially by Johnny Depp. All the special effects are impeccable.

2. Saw movies - These movies are very interesting to watch. I like how they make you think and once you think you have it all figured out, bam, there's a new twist to it and you're completely wrong.

3. Crash - Generally, I don't like movies that make you really pay attention to the story or you will get lost in it, but this is one, of two, that is different. It really shows the meaning to, "It's a small world." Not only are there a few different stories within the entire movie, all mixed up, but they are all tied together and it all comes out in the end.

4. Memento - This is another one of those movies that make you pay attention or you'll get lost in it. Like I said, I don't normally like them, but this is the 2nd of the two that I do like. This movie starts at the end and works its way back to the beginning. You know how it ends, but you have no idea how it got there, until you watch the end of the movie to get the beginning. Confused yet?

5. Pearl Harbor - A good history movie, with a touch of Hollywood ,of course, and a love story. I think more people, generally younger generations, would be more interested in history if more movies were made this way. A real event portrayed as just another movie, throw in a love story and some kids can learn about an actual event in history.

Top 5 Artists:

1. Nickelback: I love the sound of the band. I know other people say they sound 'just like every other boy band.' But, to me, they don't. Also, the lyrics actually can relate to anyone's life, not just life of a rockstar.

2. Imogen Heap: The creativity of one woman is amazing. Not only does she write all of her music, she is pretty much a one woman band. I saw her in concert and at one point, she was the only one on stage making the music. Granted she had loads of technology backing her up, but she created it all and the technology was just basically running loops of it rather than making the sound.

3. Fergie: So she's not one of my all-time favorites, but she has a song that hit pretty close to home this past summer. "Big Girls Don't Cry" Yeah, I'm sure you're all saying, "Oh man, not that song!" But at that time, I did need to move on from a few things. It was time for me to start "growing up."

4. Chantal Kreviazuk: The songs "Time" and "Feels Like Home" are very heartfelt and touching. Besides the meaningful lyrics, the music itself is very emotional.

5. Tim McGraw: A little country never hurt anyone. Here's another artist that puts real emotion that anyone can relate to into his music. And again, the music is very powerful, without the lyrics. But the lyrics are also powerful.