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Allison Veire's Sahara Reflection

Sahara portrays the perfect example of a propaganda film fulfilling all of the OWI's regulations. I think the two categories that stand out the most are the nature of the enemy and the United Nations. When the soldiers first capture the Italian, their compassion is shown when they save him from an excruciating death, but near the end he almost betrays them, but decides against it only after the German stabs him in the back. In the case of the German, he shows nothing but pure disgust for his enemies as well as for the Sudanese soldier which he says is of inferior race. Also the German is shown as uncooperative and very deceiving by not confessing that he speaks English. Being a citizen watching this movie during wartime would obviously create anger, and an even greater will to fight for African Americans. What really showed through in this movie was the equality and comradery of the allies. They all band together for the common good creating a unified alliance that seems impenetrable. I'm sure this painted a great picture for the citizens back home; this show of unity and friendship gives strength to the front lines in the eyes of the citizens.
I particularly enjoyed the roll of the Sudanese Soldier in this film because he has so many rolls. When we are first introduced to him he seems almost illiterate in his simple language. But shortly after this he is their saving grace in finding water, thereby making him a key player in the dynamics of this team. I also found it interesting that the Bogart’s character is very eager to defend the soldier when the German refuses to let the soldier search him because of his inferior race. And finally the soldier gives up his own life for the greater good. I think his character fills a prime roll in what the OWI was trying to accomplish through these movies, that African American’s were given equal rights to fight when in reality this may not have been the case.