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Amanda Kennedy- Rock Music Review

Elvis was such a success, despite the fact that he was stealing black gospel, rhythm and blues music styles and songs, because he was the one to bring it into the while scene. He made it socially acceptable for white teenagers to listen to the music and to idolize the singer, more so than if it had been a black singer.

Teenage girls at the time became so obsessed with Elvis and the beetles because this was their time to let their sexual repressions out. According to the reading by Gloria Jacobs, “boys had sports as an outlet; girls only have their screaming and swooning…which can be seen as a release of sexual energy? As discussed in lecture, the girls at the time we supposed to be upholding this double standard of being pure and innocent, while at the same time coming off as attractive sexual women that men would want to marry.

Bands such as the beetles and the rolling stones had particular success in America because they were something new that wasn’t like the boys here. They had different accents and kept their hair different and were just this whole new experience for these teenage girls. They wanted to break free of the typical standards of their time and be more adventurous.

These music artists were also all very successful because of the general sense of revolution going around. The black rights movement was going on with the women’s movement not far behind, along with the sexual revolution that was going on. Pretty much, if the older generation didn’t like it, then the younger one did. That’s why Elvis with his provocative hip shaking was so popular with the girls.