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Double Indemnity- Brenna Munoz

Whether film noir should be considered its own genre or not is something that can be debated back and forth without ever reaching an agreement. Regardless of this, the characteristics and qualities of films such as Double Indemnity definitely set them aside from ordinary films such as the everyday drama or chick flick. While the film Double Indemnity had a huge impact on the film industry as a result of its release, it is still not a movie I would personally be interested in watching again. I at times found myself getting bored with the over exaggerated events and cheesy lines. However, when examined more closely, one is able to see why this film had such an impact on the start of a new era for film noir.
Double Indemnity takes a turn away from the norm of the happily ever after film, which at the time was all anybody was use to seeing on screen. Instead, Double Indemnity ends far from happily every after and presents an odd twist of events where the good gets caught up with the evil. The film also breaks away from the norm by showing an example of the glamorous and wealthy being capable of deceitful acts. What is especially intriguing about this is the new portrayal of woman that was not often seen before.
Instead of the sweet, loving housewife, Phyllis is portrayed as an independent, manipulative, and cheating woman that uses her sexuality and feminine power over men to lure them into her conniving deeds in order to get what she wants. She proves to be quite successful in this and manages to ruin the lives of what many would initially classify as good characters. This opens the viewers’ eyes to a whole new aspect of film showing the darker side of reality that involves murders, affairs, stealing, lying, violence, and death.
In addition to introducing a twist on characters and plot, film noir also introduces the use of darker lighting and various music timing that has an impact on the perception of various scenes and characters.
In totality, all qualities such as those shown in Double Indemnity, were uncommon to its time and introduced viewers to a unique, new, dark, and suspenseful mood which marked the start of a new era for film noir.