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Dr. Strangelove - Alicia Bjork

In the movie Dr. Strangelove there are some flawless technologies and some extremely flawed technologies. The technologies that fail always seem to be the ones that need humans to operate them. Human fallibility is the reason for the failure of many of the machines when they are needed the most: Mandrake doesn't have enough change to place a call to the president, and the men who were sent to get Jack D. Ripper on the phone blew out the phone lines in the gun fire. The technologies that fail are mainly communication based, indicating that the country, or world's inability to communicate is what eventually will cause it's destruction, along with nuclear weapons. While these technologies fail, others succeed flawlessly. The doomsday device is set off. This device was created by humans but functions completely on it's own, removing the possibility of human error. No hero can come to the rescue and disarm the bomb because it was created to be completely independent of humans. The one technology that requires humans to use it and does work is the hydrogen bomb. Even with this example there is a lack of communication as Major King Kong is dropped with the bomb. He while not very quick, is well trained and able to open the doors without communication or help from anyone else. The use of technology in these movie gets to the point that technology and a lack of communication in war, or war in general leads to unnecessary deaths and mass destruction.