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Hubert Tuazon: Dr. Strangelove

The movie Dr. Strangelove or How I learned to Stop worrying and Love the Bomb was an ok movie. I didn't find it as entertaing as the other movies we watch thus far. Reflecting on the movie and how technology plays a huge role in our society is depicted through this movie. During the cold war era and up until now, technology has affected society. The possiblity of using technology to gain power still exudes in countries today. Using technology as a form of threat. Think of all those the innocent people who were afraid of dying because of bombs dropping in. At the time of the cold war the same kind of fear is felt. At the same time technolgy to our society means advancement. We are able to save lives because of new advances in technology in the healthcare/surgical field. The point is, technology, good or bad seems to be it has the same effect. Technology to society is depenedent to humans, animals, technolgy gives us hope and at the same time causes us fear. Technology makes us happy or sad/regretful. Advances in technology will continue for us to have these kind of feelings.