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Sahara - Cameron White

First off I want to say that I really enjoyed the film ‚ÄúSahara‚Ä?. The acting from time to time could have been more up to par, but what is more important is that the film served its purpose of the six categories of propaganda for Hollywood in the help of the war efforts. I thought American propaganda was portrayed very well through out this film in many unique and interesting ways, but what stuck out to most to me was ‚Äúthe nature of the enemy‚Ä?. This use of propaganda was very clear for me and it was used from the beginning to the end of the film. Because the movie was written from the Americans perspective of war the Germans were sought out as extremely terrible people that could not be trusted in any way, shape or form. An example of this is when the soldiers see a Nazi plane flying over the top of them and they shoot the plane down, capturing the pilot. From the minute they captured him he was given no credibility, it was as if the soldiers thought every word that came out of his mouth was not the truth. I believe that this was a way to show how powerful the United States of America truly was and that there was nothing to be worried about because they were not going to let the Germans beat us. Another example that comes to my mind is when one of the soldiers goes to negotiate with the Germans. The white flags were up, which means no combat. The negotiations went south to say the least and the soldier was shot by a German, again this portrayed the Germans as terrible people with no morals.
These are just a few examples in the film of how propaganda was used. ‚ÄúThe nature of the enemy‚Ä? was somewhat obvious and I believe it was used to help make our country embrace one another through hating the enemy and knowing how much more powerful we were then them.