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The Beatles - Amanda Ruffalo

I definitely think that one of the main reasons the Beatles were so popular was because they were so different from what America was used to. Before the Beatles, American girls were looked upon as and supposed to be “proper and pure�. As mentioned in Ehrenrich et. al. article, “To be popular with boys and girls – to be universally attractive and still have an unblemished ‘reputation’ – a girl had to be crafty, cool, and careful. The payoff for all this effort was to end up exactly like Mom – a housewife� (528). The main achievements in a girls’ life were supposed to be focused on marriage and motherhood, there was no time for girls to just be teenagers. Needless to say, with the arrival of a music sensation, such as The Beatles, girls took this as a chance to “let loose�. Ehrenrich et. al. mentions, “Shy, subdued girls could go berserk. ‘Perky,’ ponytailed girls of the type favored by early [1960s] sitcoms could dissolve in histrionics. In quieter contemplation of their idols, girls could see defiance in the Beatles or project it onto them� (527). Girls found the Beatles as some sort of an outlet to go crazy; a release of their sexual tension. The Beatles elicited this sexual tension from teenage girls because they were so different looking as well. Their long hair was so atypical from the usual ‘crew cut’ style that America was used to. Also, their British accents made the girls go wild. It was so different and exotic than anyone has seen before. Girls were ready to let loose from the society they were “comfortable� in. It was time for a change and the Beatles were an outlet for some of that craziness.