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Yu Katayama

Even though Sahara was made in the early 1940s, the movie demonstrated the reality of the war and patriotism. Obviously with the technology they had back in those days, they couldn't illustrate the exact picture or image of the war, but i think they still delivered the message to the people very well. The movie was serious, but there were also some comedic scenes, which i thought it was important because Hollywood movie around that time was all about patriotism and entertainment - Sahara did a nice job in those two areas. But i think the main purpose that they made this film was to show how the people were loyal to their country and how strong they were compared to the others. I think the producer of this film simply wanted to let the audience know how tough and strong the US army was, and to show how much the soldiers loved their country.
The movie also illustrated how cruel it is to just survive out in the desert even if you're not in a battle. Everyday was a challenge for the US soldiers - looking for a source of water and food everyday. It showed that these soldiers were always in the risk of dying whether it was gonna be a death from dehydration or an attack from the enemy.
In conclusion, i thought Sahara showed a lot of different things including loyalty, bravery and the strength of the US army. Sahara did a great job in delivering those messages to the audience.