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Cameron White

Music for many artists is a way to express their beliefs, values, or how they feel at a particular time or place in life. During 1970’s era in music, lyrics consisted of a lot of love hits along with political view points. I believe the lyrical messages reached out to people all over the world, making an impact in some form or another. For me personally music is a way to help relieve stress that comes along with the daily life of a college student. I am sure that I am not the only person that uses music and its lyrical content to get through tough and stressful situations. For John Lennon his music influenced many Americans his “anti-war? lyrics with songs like, “All You Need is Love? and “Give Peace a Chance?. These are just a few of the many songs that he wrote where he expressed his disapproval to war and killing. Lennon’s music transformed from boy band rock material to songs that became the backbone of “anti-war? protesting. Lennon was able to make people stand up to the government and convey their feelings toward the Vietnam War. According to Street, “music has symbolic force, it deploys the power of language to create visions, articulate ideals and form bonds? through political expression (254). He put his lyrical music out there for anyone that wanted to hear his position on war. His music was embraced with open arms from the American people. I believe that many people needed some sort of hope for peace in our country and John Lennon was able to provide that for people of all different shapes and sizes simply through his lyrics.
Through out everything that had transpired John Lennon’s music was more then just good melodies and words that flowed together. They were words of hope and peace to the American society.