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Chimezie Ononenyi - John Lennon Movie

It is without a doubt that John Lennon played a critical role in awakening the idea of peace in the minds of American citizens and the world overall during the Vietnamese chaos.

Gloria Emerson may have used sarcastic approach to questioning Lennon or she may have been serious but naïve. In my own point of view, I think that it is a no-brainer that music does change lives; not just in the youth population but on every age as well. Musicians and lyricists are usually known for telling the story of the times and sometimes the lyrics is the easier means of understanding situations. Knowing that Lennon stood for something that millions of citizens agreed upon, it is understandable that many protests that happened during the war influenced how the decision makers’ war perspective. As a result of changing war perspectives, lives were saved. Therefore unlike what the reporter may have thought, I think that music has the ability to save lives.

As the popular saying goes, every revolution usually occurs with a willingness to give a life for it. In this situation, the fact that Nixon ended up winning the second presidential term does not mean that Lennon’s work went in vain. On every presidential race, there are usually other matters at hand that voters vote for. Therefore there must have been other issues that majority of citizens favored Nixon on over other candidates. It is without a doubt that such a roaring movement that Lennon started had a huge blow on people’s mind. It could also be that the other 39% votes were against Nixon on the war issue. 39% is definitely a big influence considering that Lennon was only a musician.

It is definitely for his ability to give such a blow on the politics and on people’s mind with his talent that the U.S. Government felt threatened about. They had an established way of running issues in the white house but Lennon’s presence was in a sense a “virus? to their already established system. They had to do whatever was to stop this force.