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Derek Peltier

The flim Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music there are several examples of drastic change in cultural norms. A few are shown through drugs, language, and nudity. Love and sexuality is expressed differently throughout the film. It was apparent that it was ok to have more than one sexual partner and to love more than one person. I found it interesting that the townspeople were not too upset that their property was being ruined by the festival. Even though they disagreed with the festival they were more concerned about the young people. They were worried if the young people were getting enough food. They were also very willing to let the young people use their bathrooms.

I was very surprised at how Mr. Yasgur handled the fact that the festival ruined his property, he was supportive and not upset. What he had to say did surprise me mostly because he is from an entirely different generation so i did not think he would be able to fully understand what and why these kids were doing what they were doing. However, much to my surprise he did understand and he was not upset, especially about his farm. This is all very surprising to me, I would think he would be very mad about his farm as well not understand what the kids were trying to accomplish the with festival.

I think there are social difference between the generations of the festival-goers and the townspeople because they are two different eras. They grew up in different times when the world was a different place. I think most people can understand that there are many differences, however, I think there are some similarities as well. That being, they all care for one another no matter what.