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Easy Rider - Anthony Zerka

The characters of the film Easy Rider are displayed to the audience have adventurous, but peaceful civilians. They do not want to cause trouble with anyone, in fact, they are very grateful for every stranger that has helped them. The family in the middle of no where feeds them, George gets them out of jail, and another group feeds them. The acts of good deeds are shown throughout this film as they try to return the favor by giving someone a ride to a certain destination. Wyatt and Billy are common portrayal of hippies. They treasure what they have and hope to gain in the near future. The way they use the environment is displayed many times in the movie. Whether it is sleeping in the open forest or bathing in the nearest spring, they use everything that the Earth offers. When they entered the restaurant, they were immediately harassed by the way they look. They remained peaceful and walked out with no temptation to neither flirt with the local high school girls nor start a fight with the local men. Though they were punished for their looks, they did not seek revenge on anyone. With all that said, the hippie ideals are positively shown in this movie.
It was interesting to hear the famous Bob Dylan song “It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)? being played at the end of the movie. This song is still very popular amongst this nation. This song was played to symbolize all the people who did Billy and Wyatt wrong in this film. A certain part of this song is stating men who believe are free but questions the way they live. Sarah Thornton stated “Freedom for necessity, therefore, does not mean that youth have wealth so much as that they are exempt from adult commitments to the accumulation of economic capital.? These people do not want to change their lifestyle, therefore they are not free. This song was used to show the audience that Wyatt and Billy are free, and they will die freely with no regrets.