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Easy Rider's Words - Jacob Dreyer

Costello states in his article that "Woodstock is perhaps the most inarticulate film ever made." The main mode of communication is musical, rhytmic, and mainly non-verbal. He says, "Their culture was communicated from one to the other not by mind and words but by sights and sounds. Sensations, feelings, intuitions, spontaneity reigned. To receive the message of the culture, then, required not sharpening the reason but expanding the consciousness." In Easy Rider, the audience is introduced to two characters on this journey of mind expansion and personal growth. Constantly, the two protagonists are shown experimenting with drugs, and grooving in the wilderness, communing with nature and man. This is most notable and powerful in the campfire scenes towards the beginning and the end. Where the film parts with the culture it is representing, exemplified and partially created by Woodstock, is that it tries to explain the culture while showing it. This use of words only shows the audience how much cannot be articulated and forms an atmosphere of exclusion from the characters, not the feeling of community that is brought about through Woodstock's use of the non-verbal.