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Jackie Robak

I don’t think that the hippie “views? were shown positively or negatively, I don’t think they can be shown that way. It all depends on the viewers beliefs. For me everything was positive. Being able to live life with no concerns, smoke a joint and relax. At the hippie commune they visited everyone lived off of the land and everyone was happy. I think it did exaggerate the sex and drugs stereotype that goes with hippies. And it’s those stereotypes that can show the hippie lifestyle in a negative light. For the people who are more conservative they would not have agreed with the sexual freedom and acid trips that were taking place. This was shown in the movie from the people of the town they stopped in. Criticizing Wyatt and Billy for their long hair, motorcycles and counter culture vibes. Then at night they come and beat them with bats and kill Jack Nicholson’s character. Then in the ending when the red necks in the car make fun of them for their hair etc. Then shoots and kills both of them. All of the violence comes from the “old culture.? The hippies, or counter culture is all about peace and it is shown in the movie. Which is why I will never understand the minds behind people like that: having a problem with people who promote and practice peace.
At first this movie pissed me off because of the lack of dialogue, but when it was done I realized that it was supposed to be like that, and appreciated it. It was a movie that was meant for the counter culture. As far as comparing it to Woodstock I don’t think you can compare them, Woodstock was more of a documentary, and this was a movie. This movie was also a trip. There were so many random scenes that made you feel like you were on an acid trip.
I was also wondering if they were going down to Marti Gras for fun or if they were transporting drugs?? I didn’t know if the stash in the gas tank was for them or not?