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Jeff Tow Arnett

I would 100% disagree with Tomasulo on Apocolypse Now being both a Pro-War and Anti-War film as he states in his article "The Politics of Ambivalence." No where in this movie is there any Pro-War message. Tomasulo states that "many scenes and cinematic techniques work to further a pro-military pro-war interpretation by showing the U.S. winning all the battles (179)?. The U.S may have won some battles but however the U.S soldier were portrayed as murderers, killing innocent people such as the Lady on the boat trying to get her puppy. U.S soldiers were seen a mercenaries, people who get paid to kill. No where in this movie was there any talk about freedom or and American flag on the battle field shown the honor of what we were fighting for. However what was shown was U.S soldiers surfing, beach parties, and playboy sponsored entertainment. During wars there are sponsored events for troops but U.S soldier were seen as reckless and irresponsible by rushing the stage. Apocolypse Now was clearly a message of Anti-war and a slap in the face to U.S soldiers but especially towards Pro-War advocates.
Apocolypse Now showed that U.S soldiers did not want to be involved in a war, they wanted to be back home. Apocolypse Now depicts the Vietnam War in a way that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. This film puts into perspective how pointless and destructive the war was to everyone involved. Finally I find it very hard to believe that there is any Pro-War message when the main character is Martin Sheen a well know far left liberal who is an Anti-War advocate.