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John Lennon - Amanda Ruffalo

I definitely think that music has the ability to make a significant change in the real world. Personally, music gives me a chance to release much needed tension. It gives me a sense of relief from anger, sadness, and stress in my life. As I’m sure others feel the same way. Music definitely has the ability to impact the world. From the article Rock, pop and politics by John Street, “Music has symbolic force, it deploys the power of language to create visions, articulate ideals and to form bonds? (245). Lennon’s music did just that. He presented people the idea and vision of peace in America and he did this through his lyrics and actions. Lennon’s music was an outlet for the anger and hurt, him and many Americans had about the war. Through music, Lennon could express his views on the war to America and America would listen with open ears. People needed some sort of hope for peace and Lennon’s music provided them with that. It also provided people with a sense of companionship, a feeling that they weren't alone in this world. It definitely brought people together as one. As shown in the movie, people would join Lennon in his many protests to try to make a difference. He provided hope to the people and this is what America needed at the time. Through all this, Lennon’s music and music in general was and is able to help many people release their stress and anger throughout their lives.