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Star Spangled Banner's presence in the US-Nicole Carroll

As a pure country music lover, I have never heard the star bangle banner by Jimi Hendrix until now. I thought that it was a great rendition of this patriotic song and he is a musical genius. If you re-listen to his version on YouTube and sing the lyrics as he plays you will find that he starts to banter off on to his own scale during the phrase “and the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air.? This was played in 1969 during the time of the Vietnam War. We found that during this war, months before Woodstock in August began, that there were numerous usages of bombs. These bombs were stepping stones in the war as Nixon would think, because it would only force the Peace talks to move.
Hendrix demonstrated his feelings on the bombs that were bursting in air. He changed the position in which the infamous Star Spangled Banner is played. During these lyrics were not the only time he would veer off course. It was also during the lyrics to where our flag was still present through the war efforts. He presents a point that no matter how many bombs are dropped or guns are fired we will always be a dominant country and always will be seen. It’s a fact and Mick Jagger was right it was the finest piece of political rock and roll of the 60’s.