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Sydney Liles

Millers ideas of the hippie culture are shown quite prevalent in the film Easy Rider. First looking at the political implications, Peter Fonda is riding around on a bike that is colored with the American flag and his jacket also has the flag. This is a time when typically hippies are making a stand against America. I did not notice him talking about how he chose to decorate himself or his bike. It seems like he just does and no one questions.
Then there is the environmental awareness, which also seems to be overlooked in this film. They are riding across nation in their motorcycles and sleeping outdoors. There does not really seem to be any concern with environmental awareness, except for the fact that they are using what nature gives them. On one of their stops they meet a bunch of people that their hitchhiker knows. These people are city boys who are trying to grow a harvest in sand and yet they continue to keep trying to live of what they are surrounded with.
These two main characters have also dropped out of society. They spend their time together and meet people along the road. They do not seem to have a home or idea of what they will do after reaching Mardi Gras. Also, with dropping out, in one of the first scenes, Peter Fonda looks at his watch, takes it off, and leaves it at the side of the road. He has no care for what is ahead of him, and will get it done when he gets it done.
This movie has a slow pace, which I think accurately reflects these people. He threw away his watch; he does not care about time. They do not have a timeline for life and have no cares. I think that this movie has positive and negative aspects of this culture. For people who are living this life, there does not seem to be a clear negative tone to their lifestyle. While for people watching it today, it could seem negative. Today people live more by the book and with a plan. This idea towards life is something that could potentially scare people and their comfort level.