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Thomas Campbell's Apocalypse Now reflections

Tomasulo suggests that ‘Apocalypse Now’ could be viewed as both a pro-war and anti-war film. After watching the film I have to say I disagree that Apocalypse Now is both a pro-war and anti-war film. Tomasulo explains that Apocalypse Now was made “to assist in putting Vietnam behind them? (pp. 2). A film that is created to help the country put the war behind them, should not contain graphic images of the brutal components behind the war, if the film was intended to be an anti-war film. The soldiers in the film were casually killing innocent people and this is not the way to demonstrate an anti-war film. The film however was a pro-war film thanks to these graphic scenes. Throughout the film we see many battles, where Americans were killing peaceful people as if it was just part of their job and meant nothing. This indicates the pro-war realism. At the time of the war soldiers fought to protect their country in any possible way, and in the film this did not change. As a citizen today I cannot see how killing innocent Vietnamese people could represent an anti-war film. It is obvious that the film was a pro war film, but only a pro war film.