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Woodstock- Amanda Ruffalo

I really enjoyed this documentary on Woodstock. I have never learned anything on Woodstock and even though I did have a overall understand of what it was, it was so interesting to see what actual people, who were there, thought of Woodstock and how it affected them. The diverse attitude of Woodstock was definitely apparent though the different people interviewed on the film. A person in the beginning of the film felt indifferent about Woodstock. They respected them and thought they were very nice young people, who brought in tons of business, but said it was very hectic having so many of them there. An old man comments on his view in the movie of Woodstock as “a shitty mess� and how he had his fields were a “disgraceful mess because it was all cut up�. Another man comments on Woodstock saying that the people were “all high on pot� and that “15 year old kids shouldn’t be sleeping in the field, this never should have happened.� These people, along with many others in the film, just don’t seem to understand that there was so much more to Woodstock than just the looks on the outer surface. “True, the surface manifestations- sex, drugs, and rock and roll, protest and miniskirts- are with us still and were noted by news media then, but there was far more going on that has been effectively ignored and/or misreported because it didn’t suit the needs of hot copy� (Walley, 43). Woodstock was a place for “peace and love�. It was a place where people with the same viewpoint on the war can come together in one place. Many people just couldn't grasp the idea that music brings people together. The viewpoints of these people didn’t surprise me because that’s how the majority of grownups feel these days about “young kids’ � music and the way they choose to express themselves. This was the way people felt back then and even today there is a confusion of why people chose to act the way they do. A confusion of why young people express themselves the way they do will always perplex others from an older generation. It's just how the world works. Not to sound so cliché, but this diversity makes the world go round. People are always going to express themselves differently and that's just how it's going to be.