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Woodstock Jeff Tow Arnett

Woodstock was an important cultural event that effectively impacted Americans citizens far beyond concert goers that actually attended. Even though Woodstock was dirty, over crowded and “a damn shitty mess� as one farmer explained concerning Woodstock, their cause was above all of that. During the Vietnam War American citizens had a choice to either be puppets like Anthony talked about in class and just go with the actions of the US government or they could show some type of resistance. That what makes Woodstock so significant and historically important that people were not going to sit back and watch, they were going to get their voice heard through a peaceful free concert. In the article, “Blame it on the Sixties�, Landon Y. Jones is quoted saying, “America’s largest generation was growing up in an age-segregated universe, cut off from outside society and … bound together by their own prolonged adolescence� (43). The Woodstock film did an effective job of showing some cultural differences between young adult and their elder/parents. During an interview with a young couple at Woodstock they talked about how they could not communicate with their parents. This quote from Landon Y. Jones clear shows that the younger generation had a communication barrier with their elders so they felt that Woodstock was an effective way to communicate their message. Jimi Hendrix version of the Star Spangled Banner during Woodstock I thought was very risky as well as creative which I give him credit for.