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Woodstock: Katherine Lung

The film covered several perspectives on the event of Woodstock in the film Woodstock: 3 Days of Peace and Music. The Urban youth who came into see the festival, the disoriented suburb locals, the owner of the farm, and the government involvement were all documented and represented everyone’s stance very clearly. The change and evolution in the music really seems to be grasping the population at an unprecedented place. Despite the fact that people needed tickets, fences were pushed down and people travelled from the other side of the country and endured long hours of traffic jams just to come for this event. Rather than coming for a specific artist, the interviews with the audience members gave a sense of laid back, lethargic feel (perhaps it was the marijuana…) and the festival was overall, about the appreciation of music and people coming together. There really was no planning ahead (as in gas, food, lodging, etc) but more about living “in the moment? and being spontaneous. The adults who were mainly the locals seemed to be effected negatively about it, not being used to the amount of people in their town, and the trespassing on their property. The only adult who seemed to be appreciating this event and opportunity was the owner of the farm, Max Yasgur. Infact he seemed glad to contribute to this festival his land and be a part of it, despite the unpredicted amount of people that arrived. I think as an man growing old in a the suburbs, being able to participate in such an event with so many people was an exciting experience. Not a lot of people get to say they “hosted Woodstock?. But I guess it is obvious that the adults wouldn’t appreciate the events as the youths did, since the music has changed a lot since the adults were teenagers, the social mentality is much different back then compare to now. Back then the emphasis were on education, planning ahead, family, etc but the younger generation seemed to grow tired of that and has a more laid back attitude and craving for spontaneity and “live in the moment? motto. The attitude of experimentation and open mindedness is another strong difference as the youth embraced foreign culture and religion and adopted it. The festival also seem to show their less strict attitude on issue of sex and gender, as suppose to the segregation and racial tension that was going on with the rest of the state.