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Woodstock-Katrina Heikes

The music festival Woodstock is and will always be remembered as one of the most powerful and influencial events in our country. The film 'Woodstock: 3 days of Peace and Music' shows just that and makes the viewer feel as if they were right there watching and listening in real life. A lot of people, people who were against this festival, typically thought that it was only about sex and drugs, but this was not the case. Woodstock was a gathering of tons of music-loving people who wanted to promote peace and not war. While their older generations were off fighting a war in Vietnam, these people were celebrating the happiness and warmth rock and roll music brings to them. This festival was also a time for young people to rebel a little bit from their parents. They would use Woodstock as a way to get away from their everyday lives and families and be who they want to be and discover the beauty of rock and roll music. I never knew where Woodstock was held and I found it very interesting to hear about what the farmland owner had to say about the festival. After seeing all the garbage that was left and the foundation ruined from all the people, I was sure that Max Yasgur, the farmland owner, would be furious, but he wasn't. He was just happy that the young people got their point across and very proud that he got to experience it the way he did. I also found it interesting that even some other townsmen were so helpful with the attendees. They shared their bathrooms and gave them food to make sure they were eating enough. I thought Jimi Hendrix's version of the Star Spangled Banner was amazing! Everytime I hear our national anthem I get the goosebumps, but then when I heard his version, wow! It's amazing how such a powerful song can be twisted around and still mean the same thing, but get a different point across. Woodstock was the start to millions of music festivals and will always be remembered as such a powerful event to promote peace through music. I wish I could have been apart of it.