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American History X - Kim Hanlon

American History X, obviously, intentionally reveals how racism creeps into popular culture. This film used racism to make money. Racism is one of those things that will never go away. People are egotistical and single-minded, not everyone is, but many are and those that are teach their offspring to be the same. The film perpetuated this thought and took it to the next level. It did show that people can change sometimes too.
I agree with Beck when he talks about heroes and villains and how it is popular for audiences to enjoy the villain rather than the hero. Directors make the villains talk and act bad, but in the end portray them to the audiences as exciting and daring. They need to focus on what the youth of today get from such films and make the villains less appealing and the heroes more appealing.
Neo-Nazi skinheads are not the only ones who engage in hate crimes. This film does focus on the neo-Nazi skinheads who do engage in hate crimes. It is not a film about hate crimes across the board. It focuses on one group and tells the story of their struggles and violence against minorities and women of every race and color too. The director is not saying that this group is the only group who acts like this and is single-minded. Some people might get the impression that this film is saying that only white people are racists, but I did not get that from the film. Getting rid of all of the racists groups in society will not rid society of racism. Knowledge is power and we need to teach our children acceptance and diversity. We need to rid stereotypes and single-mindedness thinking. People teach other people, especially children, hate. They are not born racist or hateful, they are taught it.