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Beatlemania: A sexually defiant consumer subculture?-Nicole Carroll

As I read the article I found that the main theory the Ehrenriech explains is that Rock n' Roll was the most potent thing to enter the teenage life-especially in the girls who have mothers that grew up in the "housewife" era-because it changed the life of girls into a sexual revolution. This theory is displayed through the article when it starts out with a synopsis of the history of The Beatles. It tells us that 73 million Americans watched the Ed Sullivan show and how the scream got so obnoxiously loud that The Beatles became a complete studio band and no more shows were to be played. While bringing how popular the Beatles were to the table they are comparing how the swoons over Sinatra were different, but then it goes into how there was a Beatles Anonymous group being formed to try and get over them.

Later in the article it explains that before Rock n' Roll how pure the women were. How they didn't know where to draw the line, but then found the it was laid before sexual intercourse and that virginity was the most powerful gift you could give to your husband. They could kiss, neck and pet, but no further. This is where it got tricky when Rock n' Roll set in. This was a period of time where the teen markets was instinctively in growth through clothes, magazines, entertainment, etc. This was partially the advertisers and marketing people that are at fault for this growth, because they are aware of how vulnerable teenagers are at this time. This gave marketers a reason to use the Beatles in such a way that created mass hysteria of them arriving in America, which then created them to manipulate their own unique culture away from purity.

To me this article is a great summary of events that COULD have created the very unwanted sexual revolution, but no matter how hard a society presses against it...it's going to happen. Look at today we find that some teens are having sexual intercourse at the age of 10 and then becoming pregnant around 12 years old. The world is changing and creating a new way to live everyday. It's just the matter of whether you accept it or deny it and look over it. As soon as we can all accept it we may be able to change it. I surely don't agree with 10-12 yr olds having sex, but no matter how hard a parent tries they are going to rebel anyways. So why doesn't a parent teach them better ways about protecting themselves against pregnancy. I'm not fighting for this sexual revolution today, but it's happening and we need to realize it.