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Blacks as Negative Groups in American History X_Chris Remy

WOW. This movie has just moved up in my list of being nearly on the top ten. From day one of writing down my top ten films to this day of what can be called week 13, the movie American History X by Tony Kaye portrays a lot about society. Stereotypes exist in society but seeing them on the big screen really outlines them. In this film Blacks are portrayed as violent people and they are the enemies to nearly everyone in this film. Finley writes “the most frequent stereotype is a violent thug (230).� This is beyond accurate in the film and is crazy to think that people live like this.

This movie not only gives cues to who is a racist, it flat out points them out and even singles them out in groups. Whether it was the blacks against the whites at basketball, no not their t-shirts their skin colors, or the blacks beating on the white boy in the bathroom, these groups point to distinct differences in racism. Even more ludicrous were the scenes in jail where people were segregated. What really did it for me to make this movie go up nearly to number 10 was the notion that our jail system actually does reform people. After years of being in jail and finally being released, Derek views of life have changed. Granted that these changes were onset by realizing that having a view toward white supremacy gets you raped, as in this film, he finally has faith in a man of different color and ends up straightening his act up. The best part is when he realizes his life is almost nihilistic by the jail attendant saying “What else in your life could have done better and why aren’t you doing now?� This is crazy to think about and really made me think a lot about myself. Granted that I am not racist, but the notion of living to the fullest is so right. Color of someone’s skin should not stop someone, people of all colors will help you along the way. In jail when the laundry man helps Derek, he realizes that color doesn’t impact life it can help it. Imprisonment did however have its negatives by not putting Derrek in a position to change the current situation he was in. He tried to fix it by hurting someone named Cam but this only lead to his brother’s death. Finely was right in saying that a group of people has more power, rather than just one person (227).