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Boyz 'N the Hood

I think this movie presented an accurate depiction of the African-American community in south central Los Angeles. In the early 1990’s in this area many African-Americans were living in poverty. Due to racist views and violent action taken by the police riots broke out in 1991 and before that in the mid 1960’s. During this time there were several social movements going on and African-Americans were still demanding equal rights. Along with this movement the black youth would still encounter several obstacles in hope for equal rights.
In last week’s class we talked about the African American culture in Los Angeles, during the 1990’s. In contrast with white society we were able to see the disadvantage that African-Americans faced. In the black community there was little offered to African-Americans that would help them prosper. There was a lack of education, health care and even things like grocery stores. There were gun shops, bars, and drug dealers on every corner. There was little opportunity for jobs or a chance to improve ones economic standing. Boys ‘N the Hood effectively shows “what it means to be young and Black in America at the dawn of the new millennium? (Bakari, 122). It shows the ignorance of American white society. They did not know about these communities, or if they did showed little compassion for its people. Americans did little to help these people. Grant Flatgard