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Boyz 'N The Hood: Women's values - Chris Hovel

The idea of woman's ideas and rights is strongly neglected in this film. The plot line emphasizes on the social struggles of the male character and not of the female. It mainly focuses on the troubles of Ricky and his half brother Doughboy. This film never really attacks the issues of how the female characters feel about there life styles growing up in the hood. Many of the stronger female characters in this film take on the roll of the mother in the family structure. About the problem of the constant use of sexist terms such as "bitch" and "ho", this is an issue that even troubles our culture today. These terms have evolved from simple slang usage to complete derogative sexist terms. Many of the female characters in this film were very accepting of these terms and never really took extreme offense by them. However like I stated before the women who had the much stronger more defining rolls such as the mother figures would never stand for that kind of complete disrespect. If this movie would have been told from the women's perspective, I believe that it would still be very similar to the original. However this film would have a much more of a social equality and women's right feel to it. It wouldn't have focused as much on the struggles of the gang violence or the complete economic pit fall of living in such a bad neighborhood.