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Cameron Lee

The panel this week was far more interesting than I had expected. However the biggest question that arises after listening to them was how one can say they are an expert of a subject that really isn't established yet in major centers of learning. If there is no one to teach, how are you the expert? Aside from that I thought that they had a good grasp on what they were discussing and Alex had some very opinionated views on the subject that he was very able to back up. They also answered a question I always thought about that is the radio broadcast of "popular" songs. The method they use cannot allow for real music to catch on and only lets the large labels monopolize the radio. What also intrigued me was the discussion on how one may define hip hop. Melissa's explanation was far more intricate than what I had believed hip hop was defined as. I do agree with Alex in his opinion that rap is the first real export of the black community. From that has stemmed so many more things that could be considered constructive additions to society and what they have contributed has many more faces than just music.