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Sydney Liles

Dewey’s life was the Tonight Show and when he was finally able to get Petey on it was like his life was becoming complete. Petey did not have any interest in being on this wide of a range. He was shown drinking before the show and uncomfortable. Petey always addressed an audience that was black and was comfortable with his material. He was not afraid to say things which are why Dewey hired him and got him where he was. But he was not afraid to say things to his “people?. Petey began to become uncomfortable when Dewey was giving him TV spots and stand-up roles. It was like Petey wanted to be the voice and not the face. Newmans article deals with blacks and the radio, and this is where Petey should have/ wanted to stay. He was not ready to be out there for people to look at him.
I think that Petey had an issue with having people talk back to him and when he was on the radio he had protection. This is seen when Dewey first shows up at the bar. Petey had been doing protests and people thinking one way, no one going against him. Then Dewey comes to the bar and challenges Petey, catching him off guard and he has trouble coming back at Dewey. Petey needs a chance to come back at people, and in particular “his people? With this I do get the sense that Petey is a bit of a racist. He wants to run his mouth and say what he thinks, but only to a certain audience. He says at the Tonight Show that they are not ready for what he has to say, but I get the feeling that he is not ready for the publics rebuttal.