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Talk to me --- Chris Hansen

"Talk to Me" covers the life, or important parts of the life, of black comedian/DJ/Talk show host who was known for his political activism, specifically within the issue of race. One of the prevalent themes throughout the films was the presence of power, and how the accumulation of power and importance changes people. Petey found himself in this position, starting out as an unknown, small-time act who could say what he wanted, and did what he wanted, although he couldn't do much. As he grew in fame and power, it becomes apparent that he is exploiting his own fame for personal gains, be it women, drugs, or other nice things. He also showed his inflated ego in his treatment of Dewey, his manager. Dewey had looked out for him for a long time, but Petey was blinded by the notion that people wanted to see him, wanted to talk to him, and forgot about Dewey. This is never more apparent than when he ruins his appearance in the "Tonight Show." This was something that Dewey had worked very hard to achieve, as appearances by black celebrities was still a rare occurrence during this time. For Petey to act the way he did shows that he had no respect for Dewey, despite what the man had done for him, and this loss of respect is clearly the result of an over-inflated ego due to huge gains in power and popularity.

-Chris Hansen