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Talk To Me - Craig Smith

The relationship between Petey and Dewey is very interesting. Although they are both African Americans, the way they carry themselves throughout their daily lives is much different. Petey lived a pretty rough life, and we are introduced to him in prison, where he is the prison's source of entertainment with his radio show. Dewey, on the other hand, is college educated, speaks eloquently (white, as Petey puts it), and holds a respected position at a radio station in Washington D.C. Dewey, as Petey puts it, acts in a "white" way to get ahead. He dresses in business suits, keeps his hair short, and doesn't speak with any type of slang in the way Petey does. Dewey does a great job in getting Petey a position as a DJ at the radio station, and soon Petey becomes a huge sensation in the DC area. Petey enjoys his radio show because it reaches out to his people, who don't have the money for TV's, or to go to movies, etc. He knows his radio show is listened to by a lot of black people, and he takes great pride in reaching out to them. Dewey gets Petey more and more coverage, and helps catapult his career to a TV show, stand up appearances, and, eventually, a gues appearance on the Tonight Show. To Dewey, it is a dream come true. For Petey, he feels like he isn't keeping it real. The Tonight Show is hosted by a white man (Johnny Carson), and is geared toward a white audience. His material wasn't meant for a conservative white audience, and Petey was not about to augment his message to appeal to white people. He knew that he would be devastating Dewey, but he just couldn't bring himself to go on the show. He didn't get into the entertainment business to get on Johnny Carson. All he ever wanted was to have his radio show, and entertain his people by "tellin' it like it is".