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Talk to Me - Meghan Frank

"Black listeners had more confidence in disc josckeys they could tell were black" because they could identify with them. How could a white man who does not experience the same discrimination know what black people were thinking and feeling? In Talk to Me you see this sentiment the first time Petey is on the air. Dewey hears people talking about how much they liked Petey and how he was saying what they wanted to say. These men also mentioned "the white man who was with him." This was actually Dewey but because he did not sound like them and say what Petey was saying they dismissed him as being white. Blacks at this time were just finding pride in their race and started grouping together to find strength so they had more respect for the black DJs who knew their struggles. After MLK Jr was assassinated people responded to Petey's pleas for calm and people called in to talk about the tradgedy. The response would not be the same with a white DJ.