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Tom Lulic - American History X

The “white hero? myth is said to be depicted in this week’s film. Derek, who forces the audience into sympathy, shows how one can convert or transform his/her radical beliefs. Moving from evil to good is quite honorable but does this conversion earn a “hero? status? Madison notes, “The white hero sacrifices a great deal at the hands of white racists to further the cause of the black people’s struggle,? as a bullet point for a typical narrative structure. Derek’s sacrifice or unfortunate interaction with the other white racists may have came in prison, but it was not his will and even though it may have lead to his epiphany, his intentions at the time were not to help black people’s struggle. If Madison’s criteria is to be followed to classify a character as a “white hero? then Derek isn’t. He may be someone who underwent a transformation but it appears that he was forced into these converted beliefs.