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Katherine Rivard-Hollywood and Censorship

As the film, This Film is Not Yet Rated, exemplifies, Hollywood censorship only perpetuates the social and political issues that plague our nation. Couvares explains, ‚ÄúThe more one looks at debates over discrete representations of sexuality, or ethnicity, or other controversial subjects in Hollywood, for example, the more it becomes clear that the attention of both advocates and opponents of censorship is focused on wider cultural and political tensions‚Ä? (510). For example, the film placed a great emphasis on sex and ratings. It was evident that the majority of films that that featured any sort of gay sexual encounter, regardless of how intense the act was carried out, received an NC17 rating, whereas films featuring heterosexual sexual scenes with far more explicit content received a rating of R or less. This clearly demonstrates a major role in forcing social and political influence on the public because those films that receive a rating of NC17, most often by independent film makers, are hardly exposed to the public; they cannot be seen in theaters, cannot be sold/rented in major rental businesses such as Blockbuster, and therefore will have a more difficult time publicizing their film because of this forced social influence.