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In response to the first question, Franklin's statement does not hold true based on the information gained from watching the interviews in the movie. Making films is an art, and in my opinion art is not supposed to have any limitations. While clearly their has to be some sort of regulation, the rating system that is currently in use is faulty. Sure, its fair to say that film makers probably can predict the rating that their movie will probably receive. However, the fact that there is not a strict set of rules and regulations about how the rating works is completely unfair. The movie does a great job of showing that there are flaws. For example, the fact that the movie with the straight sex scene received and "R" and the gay movie that showed no nudity received "NC-17" is proof. Also, the fact that when film makers try and fight their rating they are not allowed to bring up other movies basically means that the MPAA concedes to the fact that they are wrong. They know that if film makers were allowed to make comparisons, the MPAA would be proven wrong and so they just make it un allowed. The experiences of the filmmakers make the Franklin statement completely un true because some know they should have received and "R" but since there was something in their movie that 8 random people did not like, it received NC 17. The system is completely subjective and hopefully the new leader will make some changes to the system.