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Thanh Diep Truong

Franklin states that the MPAA rating system provides for “some fairly well-established guidelines to the assignment of ratings, [and thus] filmmakers can now predict with a fair amount of certainty what their films’ ratings will be. In addition, it is a fairly simple matter to edit a film to conform to a particular rating’s requirements? (153). I think the filmmaker of "This Film Is Not Yet Rated, Kirby Dick would not agree with that statements. In the film, the MPAA is proved to have bias in their rating system. There is absolutely no certain "fair" scale for filmmakers to follow. The MPAA is found to have certain bias on certain type of movies they're rating. For example, the movies with straight sex scenes get rated R, while another movie with gay sex scenes get rated NC-17. In the film, it is proved that it's very difficult for filmmakers to predict the rating for their movies. For one of the movies mentioned in "This Film Is Not Yet Rated", the filmmaker was told that the MPAA had problem with the tone of the whole movie. How did they expect the filmmaker to edit the "tone" of the movie. It's like telling them to remake the whole movie from the beginning. Moreover, the MPAA may not have problem with giving a movie full of sex scenes, violence, and rape an R rating, but they would with a movie where girls masturbate without any nudity. It is clearly shown that there is no such thing as a "fair MPAA rating system". The raters are clearly bias and unfair.
In my opinion, no movie should be rated NC-17. If there are sex, violence in them, they should be rated R. That way, parents can decide whether or not they want their underage children to see those movies. Also, I strongly think that war violence should not be kept away from movies. War movies should bring the truth to the audience, like the particular one shown in "This Film Is Not Rated". Americans, adults and children, should know what it really looks like in the front line. War movies should not make wars to look like a phenomenon that create heroes with victories and glories. Americans should be reminded that wars are about shooting, killing, and death of innocent people, the ones just like themselves.