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This Entry Not Yet Rated - Dominic Nemmers

Those who were interviewed in This film Is Not Yet Rated, and its filmmaker would agree that the guidelines to assign ratings are fairly well-established, but that the guidelines aren’t correct. Ratings seem to push the Christian ideology by rating movies with homosexual content worse than movies with heterosexual content, and considering sexual content to be worse for young viewers than violence. The ideology seems to be pushed even further by the investigation in the movie revealing that two members of the clergy are present at certain rating functions.
The film seems to say that the market should do any censoring, if there is to be any censoring at all. I feel it is the job of the parents of the children to either go to movies and explain any issues that come up, or be able to trust reviews beforehand, leaving the movie industry without any censorship. I feel that movie directors and filmmakers could suggest which age range they feel would be most appropriate to view their movies, but to give three arbitrary cutoff points leaves much to be desired.
He suggests the fact that “At least in the current environment, creative, thoughtful, and even subversive films can get made?, because there are other avenues than mainstream media to have films get to production. The filmmakers interviewed would agree to the fact that the films can be made, but many times won’t be made because they know they won’t get the distribution and the advertising needed to make money. According to the MPAA, sex is more “subversive? than violence, simply because the rating system allows more violent content on the screen than sexual content before a rating is moved to a higher rating.