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Sauna Shanty

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Department of Art Graduate student Daniel Dean, along with Emily Stover, Molly Reichert, John Moore and John Kim came together to create the Tono Sauna, part of the 2012 Art Shanty Projects on Medecine Lake in Plymouth, MN.

Their shanty was built from a 1966 Avion Trailer which houses parametrically designed interior spaces that form multiple organic and body-friendly surfaces on which people can rest and warm themselves.

Supports for the benches were designed in Rhino with the Grasshopper plugin and were cut using the Department's CNC Router. Strips of cedar were bent and nailed into notches on the supports to create these amazingly comfortable and beautiful sauna benches.


Check out the full Tono Sauna Shanty blog, Actually, I've been Pioneering New Enthusiasms.

Randy Johnson of American Woodworker

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Last week Randy Johnson of American Woodworker magazine stopped by the 3D lab to see what we are doing and to show us what he's done.

Randy has an undergrad degree is K-12 Art Ed and a graduate degree in Industrial Technology Ed with an emphasis in furniture design. He taught for a few years, but then pursued furniture building as his main career for several years. The past 10 years, Randy has worked as editor for American Woodworker magazine. Their readers are primarily hobbyists, so most of their content is from the practical and functional angle.

Randy shared a couple of his recent CNC articles as well as some CNC created sculptures that are part of a spherical sculpture series with us. The spheres are 24" in diameter. It was a great and informative visit full of beautiful project examples.
10 Cherry PI.jpgTwisted handle1500 2.jpg
Check out some of his CNC-related articles for American Woodworker:

CNC Project Gallery.pdf

CNC Vcarve Inlay.pdf
15813_CNC_Woodturning F.pdf

Demo Day

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Stop by the 3D Lab on Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2012 for Demo Day! There will be two open sessions, 12:00pm-2:00pm and 4:00pm-6pm where we will be answer questions and doing live demonstrations on the Lasercutter and the CNC Router. Don't miss it!