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SFDS is a Fabrication and Design shop located in Brooklyn, NY. They create props, furniture and scenery for a variety of clients and use the CNC router as a major tool in their shop. Below are just a few examples of some of the exciting work being created.



This piece was part of FriendsWithYou's Rainbow City installation from 2011 in NY.04.jpeg



One of the SFDS employees, Kevin Kleber, has a fantastic Tumblr site called cnckevin. It has many great images of the projects he is working on there.

Digital Fabrication for the Arts

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Former University of Minnesota Professor Ali Momeni (currently a Professor at Carnegie Mellon) is teaching a class at CMU titled Digital Fabrication for the Arts. Students are using Rhino/Rhino CAM along with a lasercutter and 2.5 axis router to create a wide array of work.

See examples below, visit their blog for links, references and more work examples.


The Cutting Room

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The Cutting Room, a commercial routing shop in the UK, is doing a number of large scale, beautiful projects. They make anything from doors and panels to lettering and signs to desks and benches.

CNC Panel Joinery

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Some fantastic examples of CNC panel joinery from the great people of Make blog! See link for more info and downloadable templates.

Sauna Shanty

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Department of Art Graduate student Daniel Dean, along with Emily Stover, Molly Reichert, John Moore and John Kim came together to create the Tono Sauna, part of the 2012 Art Shanty Projects on Medecine Lake in Plymouth, MN.

Their shanty was built from a 1966 Avion Trailer which houses parametrically designed interior spaces that form multiple organic and body-friendly surfaces on which people can rest and warm themselves.

Supports for the benches were designed in Rhino with the Grasshopper plugin and were cut using the Department's CNC Router. Strips of cedar were bent and nailed into notches on the supports to create these amazingly comfortable and beautiful sauna benches.


Check out the full Tono Sauna Shanty blog, Actually, I've been Pioneering New Enthusiasms.

Digitally Fabricated House

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A 196-square-foot one-room house intended for use in post-Katrina reconstruction. This prototype, built for an exhibition at MoMA, is constructed entirely from sheets of plywood cut on a PRSAlpha CNC Router and assembled using only a mallet.almost_031.jpeg