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Specialty Cup Tray

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Graduate student Terry Hildebrand created this custom tray using the CNC Router. He also routed molds for the base of the cups so that they'd fit perfectly into their spots.cup set[2].JPG

Custom Beer Bottle

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Our laser technician Anthony Kling wanted to create a custom beer bottle made of slip-cast porcelain. The first step was to create a positive for a mold, which we did using the router and stacked sheets of glued-together MDF. Here you can see the final design in EnRoute.

We started with a couple of rough passes using a 1/2" ball nose bit to clear out excess material.

Then we used a 1/4" ball nose at an 85% overlap to create the final smooth finish.

The two halves will be glued together to create the whole positive.

Wood Tray for Ceramics

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Yesterday we created this simple, yet beautiful piece for graduate student Terry Hildebrand's ceramic tea set. He found a piece of wood, which we then carved circles out of at a specific depth with exact diameters to perfectly fit his cups.