Art Auction Donation-Art in Bay Front

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On June 30, 2011, we will be holding our first Starving Artist dinner/silent auction at Northland Country Club in Duluth, MN to raise grant money for artists. This will also raise awareness to our Art Fair to be held in August. We are e-mailing you to ask if you would be willing to donate an art item to our auction.

Contributing artists will receive 20% of the funds raised from their item.

If you would like to donate an item to the auction, please click here and this form with your donation to:

Art In Bayfront Park Auction, DeBora Rachelle Inc.,
325 S Lake Ave #1216, mailbox 11,

Duluth, MN 55802

If you would like to apply for a grant, please click here:

Would you be interested in donating?

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