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The documentary "Voice To Vision VII: Children of a Saboteur", directed by David Feinberg is finished! A rough cut of it premiered at Clark University, Worcester, MA in February.
Meng Tang (recent Art grad) is the Videographer and editor and Beth Andrews (U of MN Law alumn) is the narrator and Associate Producer.

The V2V exhibition was sponsored by three departments at Clark: Higgins School of Humanities, Department of Visual and Performing Arts and Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Fred Amram, a Holocaust survivor who worked on V2V also gave a presentation at Clark for the exhibition.


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The Beebooks - Jeff Millikan

Habitat - Areca Roe

Opening SATURDAY (note change from usual Friday), April 14, 5:30 - 8:30 PM
April 14 - June2
2446 University Ave. West, St. Paul 651-644-1912 www.

Animals! Their behavior fascinates us. We invite you to a captivating show on animal behavior modification.Veteran photographer Jeff Millikan has manipulated the internal environment of beehives by putting a book of interest that he has cut and painted with beeswax in to the hive. The bees transform and repair. After several cycles of these modifications he photographs the resulting bee/human collaborative sculptures. Talented
emerging photographer Areca Roe has studied our manufactured point of contact with animals in the zoo habitats we create for them. The activities of the animals are performance pieces of modified natural behaviors we observe while snacking on ice cream cones.

Digital Provocations

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Evolving Computational Approaches to Pedagogy & Practice
University of Minnesota College of Design, School of Architecture
April 12-14, 2012

In an age of ubiquitous computing and ever-increasing connectivity, how can the profession of architecture evolve and adapt to a constantly shifting technological landscape? How can architecture schools take on a more proactive leadership role within the discipline and develop curricular initiatives that fully engage with the dramatic transformations occurring in practice? This symposium, organized by the School of Architecture at the University of Minnesota College of Design, seeks to explore innovative responses by both practice and academia to the question of how digital technology can be utilized in processes of design, collaboration, fabrication, and construction. A group of leading architects, consultants, thinkers, teachers, and makers will convene to discuss computation's role in design and practice--and how architectural education can adapt to a world of increasing technological flux.
Keynote lectures will be given by Diane Willow (artist & professor, UMN) and Monica Ponce de Leon (architect & dean, University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Design). Registration is required but free for UMN faculty and students.

For full schedule, list of participants, and registration information, please see the symposium website:

Issue: Image and Text is an ongoing course through the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. In the course, students collaborate to create and publish an artist book. For the Spring 2012 class, 20 artists will contribute our work--including photography, poetry, film, ceramics, and graphic design--inspired by the theme of Erasure.

Our goal is to cover costs to create a stunning four-color, offset-printed book that encapsulates our ideas in two-dimensional form. A portion of the books will be available at our release event in May, and will be given away as incentives. The remainder of the copies will be divided among the participating artists so we can disseminate them further.
Participating artists for Issue: Erasure (Spring 2012) include: Miranda Brandon, Jon Dahlin, Casey Dickinson, Jan Estep, Lucy Haas, Terry Hildebrand, Fred Larson, Blake Leigh, Alicia Losier, Jared Martin, Bridget Mendel, Sophia Mohs, Joe Moore, Marlo Munch, Keit Osadchuk, Megan Rosenberger, Christopher Selleck, Rachael Slater, Rachael Twait, and Sarita Zaleha.

Chris Larson
May 22nd - June 8th
This intensive three week course offers students an opportunity to experience the New York art world. Living in the city for the duration, each student will have access to a private studio to explore creative work. In addition to the studio component, the course is arranged as a professional development seminar, wherein students will visit a wide range of art institutions, artist studios, gallieries, museums and alternative spaces. This is a once in a lifetime experience to get an up close and personal view of NYC's Art World.

For more information please visit: