KickStart Project: Erasure

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Issue: Image and Text is an ongoing course through the Department of Art at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. In the course, students collaborate to create and publish an artist book. For the Spring 2012 class, 20 artists will contribute our work--including photography, poetry, film, ceramics, and graphic design--inspired by the theme of Erasure.

Our goal is to cover costs to create a stunning four-color, offset-printed book that encapsulates our ideas in two-dimensional form. A portion of the books will be available at our release event in May, and will be given away as incentives. The remainder of the copies will be divided among the participating artists so we can disseminate them further.
Participating artists for Issue: Erasure (Spring 2012) include: Miranda Brandon, Jon Dahlin, Casey Dickinson, Jan Estep, Lucy Haas, Terry Hildebrand, Fred Larson, Blake Leigh, Alicia Losier, Jared Martin, Bridget Mendel, Sophia Mohs, Joe Moore, Marlo Munch, Keit Osadchuk, Megan Rosenberger, Christopher Selleck, Rachael Slater, Rachael Twait, and Sarita Zaleha.

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