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Cristi Rinklin: Diluvial

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Currier Museum of Art
Contemporary Connections
June 9 - September 9, 2012


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Opening Reception: Saturday, June 30, 6 - 9pm
Vine Arts Center

Politics as Performance, an Evolving Art
By Holland Cotter, NY Times
Published June 21, 2012


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David Catherall
June 22, 2012 - August 18, 2012
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 21st 6-8 pm

527 Second Avenue Southeast
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414
phone 612-605-4504
facsimile 612-605-4538


Northern Spark lights up the iconic Stone Arch Bridge for the June 9th festival

For the week leading up to the launch of the second annual Northern Spark festival, the historic Stone Arch Bridge will play host to an impressive light installation. THINK AND WONDER, WONDER AND THINK, a remarkable, large-scale art project, commissioned by Northern Lights.mn and created by U of MN affiliate faculty, Robin Schwartzman, will illuminate the Stone Arch Bridge in its entirety and be visible for miles from both sides of the bridge.

Asked to create a project on the Stone Arch Bridge for this year's festival, Schwartzman seized upon the idea of inserting illuminated letters into the darkened spans of the bridge and so that this architectural landmark would become a beacon for the Northern Spark festival and highlight, literally and metaphorically, the bridge as a place of community. The words, THINK AND WONDER, WONDER AND THINK, perfectly suited the project, as the twenty-eight letters of the phrase seem hand picked for the twenty-eight spans of the bridge.

THINK AND WONDER, WONDER AND THINK, serves as the leitmotif of this year's Northern Spark festival and promises to light up the night in a way that will be truly full of wonder, a reminder of the remarkable place that is the Twin Cities and the artists who help animate it.

Check out this video of the lighting ceremony on Saturday.

If you're interested in a creative way to propose your ideas check out this link to see Robin talk about her work in a unique way.

The Katherine E. Nash Gallery and the Department of Art commissioned Christina Schmid, Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts at the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, Minnesota to write an essay on Ulrike Mohr's project Minneapolis Black. The essay is beautifully written and available here. Minneapolis Black is included in the exhibition Landscape of the Mind. Posted by Howard Oransky, Director, Katherine E. Nash Gallery.


See the Twin Cities in a new light during Northern Spark art celebration of 2012. Hundreds of artists are gathering in Minneapolis and St. Paul for an all-night display of creativity. Visit the dozens of venues ranging from museums to public spaces to experience the showcased works of the Northern Spark artists.

After visiting the Katherine E. Nash Gallery walk to the Weisman Art Museum to view projects by U of MN faculty, Tetsuya Yamada, Diane Willow and Jenny Schmid:

8:58 pm - 5:26 am
Clive Murphy and Tetsuya Yamada's work Pizza/Calliope with UMN students and featured musical guests

8:58 pm - 2:00 am
Diane Willow's work tuning the sky

8:58 pm - 2:00 am
Liu Xuguang and Diane Willow's work Yellow River @ Mississippi River: seeking what a river carries

12:00 am - 1:00 am
Jenny Schmid, Drew Anderson, and MAW's work nightdemons

For more information visit: http://2012.northernspark.org/about/overview

Weisman Art Museum Ramp, 300 E River Pkwy
U of M 21st Ave Ramp, 400 21st Ave S. ($6)

Nice Ride Bikes are also available. $6 for unlimited trips (30 minutes or less).

Professors Diane Willow, U of MN and Liu Xuguang, Beijing Film Academy, are working with their respective students on the collaborative project: Seeking what a river carries for the Northern Spark Art Festival. The young artists from Beijing and Minneapolis will collaborate on a project that uses mobile technology to exchange in-the-moment media from artists along the daylight Yellow River in China and the nighttime festivities along the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. During the festival, a continuous stream of in-the-moment video, audio, photos and text from the Yellow River and the Mississippi River will be projected onto the facade of the Weisman Art Museum.

garden c.jpgProf. Christine Baeumler combines art with ecology as her wetland rooftop restoration project at the main entrance of the MCAD building draws attention. Her artistic rooftop ecosystem is a beautiful piece of art as well as a fully functional ecosystem. Her work serves as a reminder of how delicate environments can be reconstituted and recreated when action is taken. Check out her rooftop garden during the festival and talk to an on-site naturalist to learn more.

Northern Spark
June 9th
Cost: Free
Location: Minneapolis College of Art and Design
2501 Stevens Avenue