Global Operations Initiative

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Are you conducting research abroad?
Do you employ staff overseas?
Are you struggling with international tax, legal, or other issues?

Global Operations can help!

Global Operations is a new University initiative that aims to increase access to information for University faculty and staff undertaking research or other projects abroad. The initiative brings together experts in the areas of tax, purchasing, legal, human resources, and compliance to assess issues, provide advice, and reduce internal infrastructure barriers.

Why should I consult with Global Operations?

Considerable planning and organization are required to set up and maintain operations and projects around the world. This often involves unfamiliar laws, regulations, taxes, and more. For activities ranging from large degree-granting programs to small activities with in-country hiring, purchasing, or other operational requirements, there are many considerations in order to ensure a successful program.

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Global Operations is a University-wide effort led by the Global Programs and Strategy Alliance, in partnership with Academic Affairs and Provost's Office, General Counsel, Human Resources, Information Technology, Institutional Compliance, Internal Audit, Investments and Banking, Risk Management, Vice President for Research, Purchasing Services/Travel Services, Sponsored Projects Administration, and Tax Management.

Let the Global Operations team focus on your cross-border compliance requirements, so you can focus on your academic activities.

For more information, contact:
Stacey Tsantir, GPS Alliance

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